Planned Breeding for 2014

Mason X Athena : Cawley/Crimson crossed into a Blood female. Mason is a Cawley Dominant Red/Orange Dragon with a large Yellow head. Athena is a very typical Blood, with dark red head and body.

Plasma X Rose : Blood crossed into the Cawley/Crimson as above, but in reverse. This pair proved to be one of our most successful from last season. Dragons were saturated deep red, some with striking lavender barring!

Vulcan X Kaleesi : Volcano Flame from Japanese lines crossed into our Blood. This pairing should produce some truly saturated reds! Both Dragons are large.

Rojo X Suede : This is the same pairing from last season that produced those amazing red translucent Italian leatherbacks. Suede is from my bloods, and Rojo was produced by Khavong Pha.

Gumball X Pepper : This is an attmpt to produce some Coral HypoTranslucent Italian leatherbacks. Gumball was produced by another breeder, and has turned out to be an amazing addition. He is Red/Orange, and large!!

McQuade X Tundra : Last season I paired these two following an instinct. What came out was colorless Dragons, that went graphite grey! Hope to go deeper into the line this season! Also produced some very nice High yellow dragons from this pairing.

O.J. X Cheryll : This is our HypoCitrus cross. Last season we got a pied/paradox Dragon from this, the rest were intense HypoCitrus Dragons and Citrus, het. Hypos.

This is a small example of what we are working on this season. With an emphasis on producing both strong and visually impressive Dragons, we are constantly striving to improve our lines. This season we have introduced two new males from as far away as possible, on the genetic tree. Vulcan, from Japanese lines, and Gumball from West coast Breeders. Both of these males are very colorful and large, great additions to our already proud line up! Please feel free to message me with questions, available dragons should begin to appear in mid April.

Thanks for visiting, Rob Gutierrez.