So you fancy buying a lizard, GREAT! You won’t regret it . . . You’re probably asking how do I choose a Bearded Dragon? How much is this going to cost? What’s involved exactly? Well, read on . . . . .

How to choose a Bearded Dragon
If you buy one of our lizards I can guarantee they’ll be healthy, but it’s good for you to know how to differentiate a healthy lizard from a poorly lizard, basically it’s all in the eyes and the base of the tail. – Beware of any protruding bones at the base of the tail. You shouldn’t see these, the base is where all the fat is stored. – Is the lizard alert, both eyes wide open? If eyes appear recessed then the lizard is dehydrated.

What else do I need to buy?
We all know moving can be a stressful experience for anyone! Here a list of the basics, get these ready prior to your lizard arriving then he/she can move straight in: –

10 gallon tank* = $20.00

this is suitable for a hatchling. For an adult you’ll need at least a 30 gallon enclosure (min. 30” x 20” area), and for two adults you’ll need at least a 36” x 24” area. Lighting (incandescent “heat” lamp & UVB fluorescent light= $50.00 * check out lighting for an explanation of what you should buy and why.
Basking platform = $10.00
Feeding bowl = $ 2.00
Spray bottle = $ 2.00
Plug in timer for lights* =$ 10.00 * optional, but highly recommended

DO NOT SKIMP ON HEAT LAMPS OR UVB LIGHTS, these are vital to your bearded, if you need to cut costs try using a river rock for a basking platform, and newspaper for the lining in the tank, a Tupperware lid as a feeding bowl!